Friday, July 19, 2024

About This Site

This site was developed with the intent to help safety professionals help others work safely by being a portal for some of the Internet's best safety resources in one, easy to find location. As a safety professional who had no professional training on the subject, I found myself scrambling to find resources to learn and share with others. I searched hundreds of sites and read thousands of documents. No one particular site had all the answers or resources I needed. I felt there had to be a better way.

So many free resources are available on the subject of safety via the Internet. For my own benefit and more importantly the safety professional community as a whole, I decided to utilize my time and searching to put together this portal with those safety resources I felt were excellent . . . a public bookmarking tool if you will that I wanted to share.

I hope you find this site beneficial on your journey to make the world a safer place. None of the materials here are of my own creation and I certainly cannot take credit for any of them. They were put together by a wide variety of safety professionals and have been made public through the Internet . . . I just happened to take the time to track them down. Each source is listed in the content and you'll need to contact the source for specific questions about copyright or terms of use for their resources. Each was found freely by browsing the web.

The materials contained in these topics are not intended as legal, business, or risk management advice to any party, and in no way represent advice with respect to specific practices of any party or any undertaking by Scout Web Solutions, LLC in any regard. Scout Web Solutions, LLC has not confirmed or verified the accuracy or correctness of such materials or any information on which they may be based and makes no representation or warranty as to the content of this outline or its accuracy, or its appropriateness or its suitability for any particular reader, situation or practice, or as to conformance with applicable laws or regulations. Readers should conduct and rely on their own investigations before acting upon or otherwise using such materials. Questions about this material should be addressed in writing to Scout Web Solutions, LLC, P.O. Box 682, Milford, OH 45150.

If you find a resource on this site that you developed and no longer wish to share it freely with the safety cyber-community, just contact us, we will certainly remove the link from this site.

If you know of a particular resource that we have missed that you found to be extremely beneficial, please contact us . . . we'd love to include it in this portal.