Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Safety meetings related to electrical safety

Repairing Electrical Cords

Even heavy duty extension cords become damaged. Because they can be expensive, you may be asked to make a repair, rather than get a new cord. But merely re-attaching and wrapping the wires doesn't mean the repair is proper or safe. Let's review the correct way to repair electrical cords.

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Dangers of Powerline Contact

Each year, workers are killed by electrocution from contact with overhead power lines. Over 90 percent of the contacts involved overhead distribution lines. These are the same lines that run in the alleys behind our houses and through our job sites. Since they are so common to us, they seem harmless.

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Portable Light Strings

Portable light strings are a valuable asset to many job sites. They are temporary to give light to areas to help workers vision and to ensure they can see as they do many tasks. However, they can also be a danger. Follow these precautions when using portable light strings.

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