Friday, July 19, 2024

Hand Tools

Safety meetings related to the care and safe use of various hand tools

Use And Care of Hand Tools

Improper use and care of hand tools can cause serious injuries, such as cuts/lacerations, puncture wounds, contusions/bruises, eye injuries, etc.. Everyone using hand tools can help prevent such injuries with periodic inspections for defects and damage.

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Basic Hand Tool Safety

If power tools are underrated as a source of potential danger, hand tools are even more so. They might look harmless, but they are the source of many injuries. In fact, an estimated 8% of all workplace compensable injuries are caused by hand tool accidents. These injuries can be serious, including loss of fingers or eyesight.

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The Utility Knife

Many workplace injuries occur from the improper use of a common workplace tool known as the utility knife. Employees use utility knives to cut open boxes, tear away shrink-wrap from packages, cut drywall, and open bags. They are located in about every facet of the work environment, including construction, industry, restaurants and shipping departments.

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