Saturday, May 28, 2022

Toolbox Talks

Safety Meeting Toolbox Topics and Tailgate Talks

Safe Houskeeping

We sometimes overlook that good housekeeping is a key duty on the job also. The orderly arrangement of work areas is vital to the safety of all workers, regardless of whether they are involved with machines and tools or with appliances and furniture.

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Rigging looks like an easy operation that requires no particular skill or experience. But if you have an idea that just anybody can do it, you're wrong. Too many workers have lost fingers or hands or have suffered more serious injuries because they thought, "Anybody can do that."

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Power Truck Safety

Safe driving of powered industrial trucks leaves no room for the amateur. People who make their living behind the wheel know and practice safety. They know their jobs, their equipment, and their responsibilities–if not, they're soon out of work.

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Preventing Accidents

Statistics show that in many cases the victim, or the victim's co-worker, could have prevented an accident. Think of accidents that happened to people you know. Usually, it was a stupid mistake. Right? In other words, that person or someone else working on the job could have prevented it.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is defined as "all clothing and other work accessories designed to create a barrier against workplace hazards." PPE should not be used as a substitute for engineering, work practice, and/or administrative controls.

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