Saturday, May 28, 2022

Toolbox Talks

Safety Meeting Toolbox Topics and Tailgate Talks

Personal Fall Protection Systems

Often you may be required to work at elevated levels that are not protected by handrails or safety nets. When working in these areas, wear a personal fall protection device. Also wear a personal fall protection device when you're working on a float or scaffold or on suspended scaffolds having only one or two suspension points.

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Pedestrian Safety

A walk through the plant should be rather uneventful, but the situation can change in a hurry if you don't stay alert. This is particularly true for employees leaving their own areas or departments.

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Office Ergonomics

Do you know what ergonomic means? It's nothing magic; it just means making the workplace fit the worker instead of making the worker fit the workplace.

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Off The Job Safety

Off-the-job safety should really be second nature if you practice it in earnest at work. So keep an eye out for hazards, whether you're on the golf course, in your boat, or driving your snowmobile.

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Near Misses

How many times have you shrugged off a near miss? Never gave it a second thought? Next time, think twice. The difference between a near miss and an accident often is a fraction of a second or an inch. And when it happens again, that difference may not be there.

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