Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Toolbox Talks

Safety Meeting Toolbox Topics and Tailgate Talks

Ladder Safety

Falls are responsible for 17.4 percent of all fatal work injuries, so taking time to be safe on a ladder is important. A very important factor in ladder safety is the correct placement of the ladder.

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Hurry Up Can Hurt

When we hurry on the job, we accomplish little, other than to increase our chances of an unsafe act happening. Let's look at some "hurry-up" acts. Which ones have you caught yourself doing?

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Horse Sense, Not Horseplay

Well, horseplay on the job is just as dangerous, and like the cases of the airplane and automobile, the person endangered isn't just the one that's horsing around. Other people are involved.

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Housekeeping is a continuing process in which everyone must participate throughout the workday. Let's see how we can eliminate some of the most common housekeeping problems that can cause accidents on the job.

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Horseplay - Practical Jokers Aren't Welcome on this Job.....nor is anyone who encourages them. It's not that we don't have a sense of humor, but we also have a sense of responsibility toward keeping our employees safe.

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